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San Diego Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer

Concentrate on Marriage, Not Money

Just like a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement is a contract that lays out terms regarding a couple's assets, property, debt and income. Typically, spouses who want to develop a postnup have had substantial changes in their income, property or inheritance. Perhaps they always intended to draw a prenuptial, but ran out of time before the wedding. Occasionally, couples who are considering divorce, separation or having other marital problems decide to construct a postnuptial contract because it defines their financial future and allows them to concentrate on the emotional side of their marriage.

The lawyers of Fleischer & Ravreby in Southern California will provide a neutral, objective sounding board for your financial discussions. Other than stipulations on child support obligations, your postnuptial agreement can contain any terms you wish to include, should your marriage end in dissolution, including:

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Fleischer & Ravreby can help you save time and money with our estate planning attorneys by developing a postnuptial agreement, trust or will. We can tailor postnuptial agreements to meet your asset security needs and review any postnuptial contract you are being asked to sign.

If you and your spouse need help discussing your assets and property, contact the Beverly Hills or San Diego postnuptial agreement attorney offices of Fleischer & Ravreby at 858-720-8250 for a free 30-minute discussion about protecting your financial future.

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